METAL BOX – Guardhouses & Bulletproof security booth

The bulletproof security booth and guardhouses of our company are the ideal solution for reducing the risks of your security personnel. They are mainly used as an access control point of the entrances, or more generally as security nodes of your property. Metal Box’s simple guardhouses and bulletproof security booths are the ideal solution for maximum security in your business or residence. They can be manufactured by order, so as to cover any need of your company.

The high durability, fast delivery, manufacturing as also installation times and affordable prices, rank us among the leading companies in Greece. Our company provide a comfortable space for your security personnel. We offer a wide variety of types, both in simple and bulletproof guardhouses. In addition, they can be equipped with:


  • toilets & access ramps
  • power, data & telephone lines
  • cooling and heating units
  • projectors & camera systems
  • gun lockers
  • wired windows

Our company’s anti-bullet security booths have been trusted by clients from the private sector, airports, military facilities, power plants, etc. We use approved materials with a long life and low maintenance costs.


To find out more about Meta-Box security booths and guardhouses dont hesitate to contact us, so we can put together a quote that meets your needs. ALl of our products are transported and placed immediately and safely in the location you want. In addition, we provide guidance or completely undertake the preparation of the site for the unloading process.