Prefabricated metal outposts

METALBOX – Prefabricated metal outposts

Prefabricated metal outposts (bulletproof or not) are the ideal solution for the safety of your staff. Primarily used as an access control point for entrances, or more generally as security nodes for your property. MetalBox’s simple and bulletproof security guards are the ideal solution for maximum security in your business or residence. A solid construction with high durability and deformability capable of taking on heavy loads. At METALBOX we guarantee fast delivery, manufacturing and installation times, affordable prices, always with quality in mind. All the above rank our company among the leading companies of metal amulets in Greece and abroad. Our company’s outposts provide a comfortable space for security personnel. We offer a wide variety of types, both in simple and bulletproof outposts which can be equipped with:


  • toilets & access ramps
  • power, data & telephone lines
  • cooling and heating units
  • headlights & camera systems
  • gun lockers
  • windows with wire

To learn more about METALBOX’s outposts contact us, so that we can prepare an offer that will meet your needs. The security outposts are transported and placed directly and safely at the desired location. In addition, we provide guidance or take over the entire preparation of the site for the unloading process upon request.