Modular office buildings

METAL BOX – Modular office buildings

Metal Box’s prefab mobile offices and detachable modular office buildings are ideal for situations where you need a temporary space for your staff. They provide enormous flexibility since they can be adapted to all classic layouts, or even in height.

They assemble and disassemble with great speed, are easy to transport and are an affordable option for any type of project. Whether it is a temporary or a permanent solution, prefabricated mobile offices are definitely a flexible and economical solution. They have cooling, heating and windows with double energy glazing that maintain the ideal temperature and create a comfortable work space.

The fact that they are prefabricated units makes their assembly easy and quick. Thus, we guarantee immediate delivery and installation to all container modular offices of our company, throughout Greece and abroad.
Contact Metal Box team so we can discuss the needs of your particular case and find the right solution for you.



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