Portable offices

METALBOX – Portable offices

METALBOX’s offices consist of a load-bearing structure of cavity beams and masonry of polyurethane panels which do not add additional loads to the structure. These panels provide excellent thermal and sound insulation properties. The windows are aluminium with double glazing that offer comfort at work. They can be assembled and disassembled easily making them suitable for construction sites especially in areas far from urban centres.

These can also be combined with the metal housings for your personal accommodation, thus creating large mobile units. The container offices can include a kitchen with storage space, a spacious bathroom to fully meet the needs of the staff. There is also pre-installation of electrical circuits and hydraulic installation.

The configuration of the space will be based on a plan in collaboration with our experienced staff consisting of experienced engineers and craftsmen who will ensure that all your needs are met in the shortest possible time with the sole focus on quality combined with the affordability of the price of each office.

METALBOX is responsible for the transport and placement at the desired location.