Portable toilets & Mobile accessible toilets

METAL BOX – Portable wc – Mobile accessible toilets

Portable WC’s and mobile accessible toilets can be transported with great ease and in most cases do not require pre-installation of drainage. They are ideal for construction sites, camping, concerts, festivals and generally in locations that do not have permanent installations.

Most portable toilets are made of polyester and are shared by both sexes. In addition, the doors are locked from the inside, and there is a special container for collecting excrement. Portable toilets and mobile accessible toilets are among the most common types. Of course, there are several subcategories, such as composting toilets, dewatering toilets, container toilets, etc.

Our company has the ability to provide a huge range of options, which include autonomous as well as interconnected toilet units, so that they can cover even events of thousands of people. All toilet types comply with European safety & health regulations and provide the necessary reliability for continuous operation. WC units can be custom made with any special feature. More specifically they can include:


  • facilities for disabled people (Disabled Toilets)
  • units with changing table for babies.
  • hot and cold water sinks.

Accessible portable toilets are wider for your comfortable wheelchair access, but also to accommodate an additional carer. In addition, they include a low-level toilet, a sink and an anti-slip floor.

In any case, the experienced staff of Metal-Box is at your disposal for details about materials, delivery time, prices and any other question.