Specialized Constructions

METALBOX – Special polyester & metal constructions

METALBOX, apart from constructions made of polyester or metal, can also manufacture a combination of these two. Thus combining the robustness of the metal construction with the low weight and the good anti-corrosion, thermal and sound insulation properties of polyester, they are suitable for various uses in many environments, facing zero difficulties.

This construction can be produced at our construction site and placed at the place you wish or it can be manufactured on site. METALBOX has carried out a variety of such projects with a high degree of difficulty and complexity without any problems, always on time and with excellent quality.

Some special structures may be bus stops, special structures at photovoltaic stations , structures at fish farming platforms, desalination plants as well as various other projects of high construction difficulty.

For any further information, guidance or clarification please contact us. We will be happy to help you!