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METALBOX – Portable Kiosk

METALBOX polyester ticket booths / folding kiosks are the perfect construction for ticket sales points, checkpoints, assembly points (such as concerts) and as advertising (or other use) stands. Our ticket booths are a lightweight construction due to the polyester and polyurethane, with high resistance against adverse weather conditions, radiation and other loads which remain unchanged inside and outside with the passage of time.

Polyester kiosks are a good and economical solution to a heavy construction type that is uniformly integrated into the landscape in which it is to be placed. Our kiosks can be produced in a variety of colors and can be placed anywhere, depending on the needs of each customer. Internally they are spacious and include full electrical and plumbing installation as well as many other amenities that will be requested by the client.

For more details please contact the qualified staff of METALBOX to be able to guide you in the design and delivery of the perfect construction for your needs.

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